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At last I did it!!
Surely a play any theatre group can cast!

My latest farce, "Jack Up!" - set on the veranda of a green bowling clubhouse, has nine characters.

Nothing unusual there, until you see that all nine characters can be of any age and of either sex!

Go to the full length comedy plays page to take a look. And remember, as with all my plays, I'll email you an evaluation copy totally free of any charge or obligation.

Ian Hornby (1949-2013)

Dear Authors and Drama Groups

Firstly, let me begin by thanking you all for your kind words and support over the last few very difficult weeks since Ian’s sudden death on 19th December.

So many of you have taken the time to write to me, a comon thread being that he was a big man, with a huge heart and an enormous desire to help people. A big man like that leaves a huge hole in people’s lives (not least of all my own) and many of you seem to remember fondly (although not always understand) his sense of humour and the help he gave you. As Doug Mayo said:

“One of the good guys of Amateur Theatre, Ian was a friend, mentor and a great support to many playwrights who worked with him and knew him.”

I know Ian would have wanted his work (and that of the authors he believed in) to continue and would have been determined that “…the show must go on!” So, in the short-term at least until a long-term plan can be formulated, I will be carrying on the day-to-day running of New Theatre Publications.

Scripts and performance licences can still be ordered via the website or by post, but unfortunately, for the time being at least, I will not be able to accept any new play submissions.

Kind regards
Alison Hornby (Ian’s wife)

Plays for YOUR Theatre Group (but don't forget the novel!!! - See below.)

On this site you will find over 50 tried and trusted stage plays by award-winning playwright Ian Hornby, who has been writing for over 20 years and whose plays have been staged and performed all over the World, from places as far apart as the USA, Greece, Cayman Islands, Holland, Japan, Germany, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and Brunei (and, of course the UK) and some have even been translated into German, Japanese and Turkish. 

Navigating this site

Click on a button in the top menu to be taken to a page for that category. There you'll find a whole variety of plays ready for YOUR production. For each play there are some notes about the play and a synopsis.

Remember - I'll email you evaluation copies of any plays FREE of any charges or obligation. Just email me the titles you would like to read. If you're in the UK and ask nicely I'll send you a paper copy if I have any

For my murder games, here's a chance to raise funds for your group doing what you love - acting! Forget coffee mornings and cheese-and-wine events, treat yourself and your audience to a couple of hours of entertainment and non-stop fun. I can provide the scripts and all evidence documentation and, in most cases, tailor these to suit your group and event. If you have a special theme in mind, contact me and we can see if one can be devised to suit.

If your group has performed any of my plays, I have recently started to publish production photos, programmes, reviews, etc., on this site, and I'd love to have yours too. Also, if you are staging a play, you can get FREE publicity from Amateur Stage magazine, Sardines Magazine and - see my links page.

Killers Dot ComThis site is about plays - but don't forget the novel!

"Killers dot com" introduces police detective Tom Hamilton, an ordinary copper until some sixth sense takes over his life. He sees crimes as they happen whether he wants to or not. The more extreme the crime, the more vivid his visions! When two serial killers start on a spree of violent killings, the police hope Tom will be able to track them down, but before long the killings start to impinge of Tom's own life and acquaintances, starting a race against time to find the culprits.

Killers dot com is available both as an e-book and hard copy.
Click links above for more details